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Trends in digital transformation in HR

As a corporate insurer, Globality Health has strong relationships with the HR departments of your clients. Which main trends in Digital Transformation for HR have you noticed?

For some years now, we have observed how Digital is changing the way we work and communicate. We see our clients’ HR departments embracing more and more digital solutions, as they revolutionize the entire employee experience and transform their own HR processes. We believe we play a small part in this journey by helping them automate, streamline, and adopt more real-time solutionsto manage their employees’ insurance needs.

How is Globality Health responding to this trend?

We consider that Digital is worthless if not combined with a customer-centric approach, and that is why our entire digital strategy has been designed to create the maximum value for our clients by responding to their main needs. When it comes to our corporate clients, this is mainly about using digital and technology to streamline administrative HR work.

In that sense, this month we are launching a new version of our HR portal, a platform we developed with and for the HR managers of our clients. In this integrated HR platform, they can easily find all centralized information about their portfolio of insured.  Via our self-services, they can administer their contracts online: enroll or cancel members, and modify policies. Thanks to this digital tool and seamless integrated processes, we can provide to our clients all the autonomy they expect, and guarantee that when a request requires personalized services, we will dedicate our full attention to it.

And we can imagine that Digital is also essential for Expatriates?

Per definition, an expatriate is someone who lives and works outside of their home country, and we know by experience that it is not always easy for them and their family to find their way in this new environment. In that context, it is important that some services remain simple, as expats have enough challenges researching a school for the kids or finding a new home for the family. As digitalization provides borderless solutions, it can allow expatriates to benefit from some fast and reliable services anytime from anywhere, and in the same way they would access them from home.

Today at Globality Health, we insure people located all around the world and it is essential for us to stay as close as possible from them to be right there when required. With an Online Client Portal and a Mobile app, we ensure that, at any time and from anywhere, our insured members can contact us, access their insurance documents, submit a claim with a few clicks or look for a medical provider from our trusted network located around them. But we target to go further than that by offering new Digital services which bring even more comfort to our clients. Our Telemedicine service, called Digital Doctor, which we are launching in Spain this summer, will allow our Spanish expatriates to talk to a Spanish doctor via chat or video call from any location around the globe and to get trusted medical advice. By offering this innovative tool, we are breaking the barrier of language and bringing more peace of mind to our insured when they need it most.

Would you say that digitalization is a risk for people in enterprise?

Many people frequently associate digitalization and automation with a replacement of human jobs. I am convinced that digitalization is not a risk but in fact an opportunity for people. There is a common misconception that technology and people work in opposition, whereas we believe that people and digital solutions work toward a common goal.  Digitalization helps an employee to focus on meaningful activities for our clients.

At Globality Health, we decided to engage in Digital solutions for a simple reason: Free up our colleagues from repetitive and administrative tasks to give them the time to focus on what matters. We are convinced that our people are our main asset, and we want them to focus on our most valuable mission, taking care of our clients and our insured members. This is aligned with our ambition to be not only a traditional health insurer, who reimburses claims at the end of the health care process, but a true health partner who accompanies our insured members along their care journey.

What is the role of HR in the journey toward digitalization?

HR has a central role in the digitalization journey of a company and unfortunately, this role is frequently overlooked. A digital transition comes along with changes in the business model, the culture, and even the working methods and tools of an organization. As with any change, some employees will embrace it, some employees will resist it, but the majority will remain open to change if they understand its value. By helping the employee to engage in this understanding, to shift to a digital mind-set and adapt to this new working environment through training, change management, and effective communication, this is where HR, as strategic partner, plays a key role in the digital transformation of the company… and automating HR administrative tasks such as expatriate insurance allows them to focus on this key change management role.

Mathieu Cocciale
Project Manager, Operations Management Globality Health

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