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Sage donates to the tune of £1.1 million to Sage Gateshead

SageSoftware and services leader Sage today revealed a package of support to Sage Gateshead worth £1,600,000 that will help the iconic Tyneside Venue continue its great work in the North East.

Sage was one of the founding partners of the Sage Gateshead, which first opened its doors in December 2004 and has played a pivotal role in the cultural life of the region. The venue’s charitable and educational work has seen tens of thousands of local people become involved in music performance and learning.

The announcement follows the news that Sage has launched the Sage Foundation, with a 2+2+2 community model that sets the benchmark for FTSE 100 companies. The Sage Foundation’s model of ‘2+2+2’ donates: 2% of employee time each year (5 days), 2% of free cash flow* and 2 of Sage’s smart technology products for any charity, social enterprise or non-profit organization. This model and today’s sponsorship of the Sage Gateshead demonstrates Sage’s commitment to philanthropic leadership in the FTSE 100.

Lee Perkins, EVP and Managing Director of Sage UK explained the importance of Sage Gateshead in the community: “Sage’s number one priority is to energise the success of businesses and the communities that they serve. Sage Gateshead is a great example of this. Sage Gateshead’s work and the experiences they create is an inspiration. Our relationship with them and the venue is of enormous value to us. We’re extremely proud of our company’s local roots and it is great to be able to support an organisation that harnesses the talents of people to serve the community and celebrate the very best of the North East.”

Abigail Pogson, who took up her post as Managing Director of Sage Gateshead in May 2015, warmly welcomed the support, saying: “This is the most fantastic news. We are so pleased that our relationship with Sage remains as strong as ever and continues to grow. This new investment in our future, ten years after the company named our building, is the strongest endorsement that we could wish for. I am so grateful to them, and to all the supporters of the 10th Birthday Appeal who have enabled us to create a major new endowment that will support our work for years into the future.”

Lord Falconer thanked both Sage Group and Arts Council England, saying: “The combination of Sage Group’s commitment and generosity, along with Arts Council England’s match funding, are helping to ensure the good health of Sage Gateshead. I am enormously grateful to both, who continue to play a crucial part in our success and our future.”

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